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Is the app right for me?

If you want to start investing or are still unsure about which financial products to buy, the app is just right for you. We take you by the hand and help you to build your portfolio with confidence.

How much money do I need to invest?

You can invest from as little as 1 Euro. At the moment, you can practice with virtual money. We are currently working on the implementation of the real investment feature so that you can invest your real money safe and easily. In the meantime, you can become a confident investor  by applying your knowldge from our courses and articles with fictitious money.  

Are you guaranteeing me a certain returns per year?

Investing in the financial market is associated with volatility. This means that the value of your money is constantly going up and down. We can't guarantee you a specific return, but if you invest broadly over the long term, you can expect annual returns of around 5%- 8% (based on the historical performance of the MSCI World - read more in our course).

Do you recommend a portfolio?

We think you know yourself best and ideally you should invest in things you personally believe in. This is easier than you might think. Of course, we won't leave you on your own, but our goal is for you to achieve exactly that. To make your first steps easier, you can find ready-made portfolios in the app that have been created by professionals.

When do I get my money back? Do I have any binding obligations?

The beauty of the financial market is that it is 100% flexible. This means that you can convert your purchases back into Euros whenever you need your money.

Can I use the app without investing?

What matters most to us is that you make informed and good decisions. That's why we put our courses and articles first. You can therefore learn for free with the app for as long as you want. Although it's important to get into the financial market early, we don't want to push anyone into investing. Only when you feel ready should you take this step.

Is my money protected?

For the time being, you only invest with virtual money. So you can't lose anything. As soon as you have the opportunity to build up your real portfolio with us, your money will be protected with up to EUR 100,000. In addition, all your purchases on the financial market are secured by a central institution. This means that even in the unlikely event that we cease to exist at some point, you will always have access to your portfolio and can either continue to hold it or convert it back into money. But do remember when investing you money is always at risk.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free. You can view our courses and articles at no cost. You can also easily build your portfolio with virtual money. Only when you invest in the app with your real money do you incur a service fee for holding the portfolio. However, this option is not yet available.