The beatvest mission: 
We make investing easier than ever before. For everyone.

We believe that the only person to be trusted with your investments is you.

Our mission at beatvest

We know that investing as a beginner can seem overwhelming. And we believe that existing solutions make it seem even more confusing than it is. You probably think so too. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be here. Instead, your shiny portfolio would already be up and running. Let us explain below what we do differently. Maybe this is exactly what you were looking for. Or maybe not. Then you can simply let us know here what features you'd love to see.

Thank you! We got your idea.
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What we work on all day

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We give you all the relevant knowledge to invest wisely

No, these are not 12-hour online courses. Investing properly is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it's quite easy. Easier than buying a property. Easier than breaking up with your childhood sweetheart. Maybe even as easy as tying shoelaces. Edit: when you were 5 years old.

You only get this knowledge when you need it

Because you might be the type of person who first sets up the Ikea wardrobe before reading the instructions. But maybe you're also the type of person who reads the instructions first. Then you'll get the knowledge from us beforehand. That's fine too!

Do you know Warren Buffet? He's the best investor in the world. With us you invest like him.

"Buy-and-hold" is what his strategy is called. That may not ring a bell for you yet. But let us say one thing now: this is the easiest investment strategy you could possibly follow. You really, basically, yes...  don't have to do anything when you invest like that. Still, this is exactly the strategy that has produced the highest returns in the past. A better name for it might even be: buy-and-chill.

We give you feedback on what is still missing on your way to a world-class portfolio. You make the decisions.

Don't worry: we won't leave you alone. Your portfolio will depict exactly who you are as a person. At the same time, we'll make sure that the sum of your investments is perfectly aligned to each other.

We can't stand that other investment platforms are hiding their fees.

There won't be any hidden costs with us. But please hold back for a second and don't look out for our prices just yet. We promise, we are not hiding them. We are just simply still in the midst of negotiations to be able to offer you the very best price. As soon as we know more, the price will be posted here. We promise.

Choosing ETFs will be easier than ever before

ETF... WTF? ETFs are the best and easiest way to start investing. But have you ever tried picking out specific ETFs? It can be pretty overwhelming. We make it easier than ever before.

Those things are really important to us at beatvest

Morale. Morale. Morale.

Every single decision we make is made with your best interests in mind.


We say what we think and do what we say. There are no hidden costs or traps with us.


We listen to our users and create what they want.


We put sustainability at the forefront and enable investing that fits your values.

The beatvest team

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