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Learn investing with our bite-sized modules on your phone. Whenever and wherever you have a few minutes of spare time.

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We make choosing your investments easier than ever before. You can go with ready-made, expert-curated portfolios or build one up yourself.

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Exchange ideas with the community and ask all your open questions to like-minded people and our experts.

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Reading 400-page books? No ones got time for that. We have packed the most important things to know about investing into super short modules.

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You decide how you learn! Video, audio or text? We've got you covered!

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We help you on your way to your first investments

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You have no idea what to invest in? Your heart beats for sustainability or the latest technology trends? Our experts have pre-selected options that can lay the foundation for your portfolio.

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You are totally overwhelmed by the sheer range of possibilities when it comes to investing? You might ask yourself: "Which ETF is the right one? Am I making a mistake with my decision?" We'll give you everything you need to finalize your portfolio.

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Also great with existing basic knowledge

“I already had basic knowledge about investing, so I liked that you could just skip some parts of beatvest's courses to get to the part that is most relevant. For me, that was the lesson about "how to choose my ETF.”


Community and newsletter are top

“The exchange with the beatvest investment community was very helpful for me, especially when I was still at the beginning of my investment journey. I also subscribed to the weekly newsletter and find it super helpful to stay up to date with the most important financial news in no time.”


Easy to integrate into everyday life

“I loved the fact that the course offers 101 different ways to learn. Be it via video, audio or text. In addition, the individual units were short and concise, so that I was able to integrate beatvest very easily into my everyday life and really learn a lot about it.”


Informed within minutes

“I didn't think I would be able to learn so much about investing in just a few minutes. The beatvest content has enabled me to build confidence  and invest my money myself.”


Investment direction further developed

“I have been investing for some time, but this course has given me new insights and great foundations to develop my investment direction even further.”


Financial topics easily summarised

“I was never interested in financial topics and always avoided all courses during my studies. At some point, I guess it has to be: luckily there are platforms like beatvest that summarise the basics in an understandabe way.”


More informed than ever before through our weekly newsletter

“Because of the weekly summary in the newsletter, I always feel up to date. Especially through the presentations of new ETFs, I feel more informed than ever when investing.”


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